Out of retirement or just tired


Last June, when the SCOTUS legalized same-sex marriage, I had to show up on the internets to gloat and to say, “Suck it, Scalia.” Associate Justice of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia went to his reward on February 13, 2016, so I figured I had probably written my last blog that no one but relatives would read.

Since January of 2007, first as Gene Clark and then as the real me, I’ve blogged (it’s a word now) more than 300 times. I thought, “I’m 61 years old, I have a good job, and I want some peace and quiet.”

I wasn’t so much retired as just tired.

Then this anus of a man, this tiny-fingered rich bully boy, this panderer to the lowest instincts of hate, bigotry, sexism, and just plain assholishness started rolling up primary victories so that he may very well be the Republican nominee for President.

Donald (Baby Fingers) Trump wants to be President. That’s frightening enough. The fact that so many other people think it’s a good idea, chills me to the bone. I’m not so tired any longer.

Baby Fingers Trump (BFT) believes that he is always right and everyone that doesn’t agree with him needs to be punched in the face. That personality flaw is not unusual for a man with more money than compassion, but BFT gets his supporters to punch people in the face for him.

All the people at BFT rallies need are some spiffy brown shirts and some jack boots. They have the hitting, spitting and name calling down.

Last week, BFT gave orders to his nut brigade. He said he was afraid his supporters would riot at the convention in Cleveland this summer if the Republican Party succeed in keeping him from becoming its nominee. Make no mistake. That was BFT telling his supporters to riot in Cleveland if he doesn’t get his way.

BFT is scary but not surprising. The Republican Party went out and recruited its lunatic fringe (Tea Baggers) in two vain attempts to defeat Barack Obama. It was like the scene in Blazing Saddles when Hedley Lamar says, “I want rustlers, cut throats, murderers, bounty hunters, desperados, mugs, pugs, thugs, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, vipers, snipers, con men, Indian agents, Mexican bandits, muggers, buggerers, bushwhackers, hornswogglers, horse thieves, bull dykes, train robbers, bank robbers, ass-kickers, shit-kickers and Methodists.”

Boy, Howdy! Except, I’m sure the Tea Baggers would pass on the Mexican bandits and the bull dykes. Tolerance and diversity are not big in Tea Bagger circles.

This is a Bad News/Good News joke, except…The bad news is that BFT could be the Republican nominee…the Good News is that Ted Cruz may steal the nomination at a brokered convention.

Lindsey Graham told the Washington Press Club Foundation’s 72nd Congressional Dinner, “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.” Lindsey just endorsed Cruz, and nobody likes Cruz…except some of your crazier Godspato types…you know, snake handlers, strychnine drinkers, and speakers in tongues.

BFT gives credence to the fringe element. He’s got some Cracker Jack ideas:

  • Kill ISIS wives and children.
  • More torture
  • Bomb the shit out of (fill in the blank).
  • Too bad it’s not like the old days when there were penalties for protesting. (You know…police dogs, tear gas, rubber bullets, and fire hoses like when the black folks got all uppity back in the late 1960s.)
  • A flat-chested woman can’t be a 10.
  • If she weren’t my daughter, I’d ask her out.
  • We will build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it.
  • My dick is gigantic…trust me…no problem…really it is…honest…super-duper spectacular…stunning, really.

Donald (Baby Fingers) Trump is a dick joke. He’s a dick joke with an ego as big as he wishes his penis to be. BFT should not be President. Besides the fact that he is nucking futs and a royal asshole, he couldn’t give a fat rat’s ass about anyone else but BFT.

Now that I have a twitter account (@billdevol). I plan to insult Donald Trump daily. If I’m really lucky, he’ll respond.

He thinks he is smarter than the rest of the world because he has tons of cash. He isn’t, however, because he has to personally deal with every insult hurled at him. If President Obama was like that, his head would have exploded by now.

BFT could never handle that kind of pressure.


One More Thing:

I have heard Bernie Sanders supporters say that if Bernie isn’t the Democratic nominee, they plan to stay home on Election Day. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! If that happens, and Trump gets elected, I will blame those people forever. After all, if Nader voters hadn’t been ass hats, Dubya would never have happened.

What’s at Steak?


On Thursday I got a piece of mail with the name of a very fine steak house in big letters on the front of the envelope. The actual restaurant isn’t important, but the name and the implied invitation to eat there for free got me to open the mail.

The envelope contained a folded-card, heavy-stock, color invitation to “Please join us!” The picture of the filet on the front of the invitation looked good. It was juicy and was presented on a bed of what I imagined to be tender asparagus spears. Once again, the idea of a steak prepared at this establishment kept my interest.

On the back of the card, in plain sight, was the catch. It was nothing shady. Anthony Newman, president of Lifeguard Financial and author of There’s a Crack in Your Nest Egg, was going to make his pitch at this dinner event. It was presented matter-of-factly. It was plain up front that a successful businessman was offering a meal at a classy joint in exchange for an opportunity to tell me about his business.

When I opened the card, the honesty continued, “You and your spouse are cordially invited to join…for a one hour Educational Dinner Program, designed especially for retirees and those retiring soon.” There was a list of the topics to be discussed, and all of them would be of great interest to people of retirement age.

I was impressed. I am older than 60 now, and I get all kinds of what I call, “Scare the old people” mail. It’s mail that looks like something official from the government. It is usually covered with phrases like, “Confirmation required…Deadline is near…Last chance to register…Important tax information enclosed.”

The materials inside these envelopes continue to use phrases that are intended to frighten older Americans. That kind of mail really pisses me off. It’s mean spirited and shows no respect for the intended recipient.

The invite to hear Anthony Newman was NONE of those things. It was clear that the quid pro quo for the meal was listening to him speak about his business and what he could do to help you.

The flyer went on to say, “Expect to have a little fun and obtain some meaningful information with none of the usual financial double talk. There are no costs and no obligation.”

Once again, it was clear that the meal was in exchange for listening to a business presentation…Then I read the last two lines in the flyer.

“This event is for those looking for financial information and guidance. If you are looking for a free meal TRY THE SOUP KITCHEN.”

The Soup Kitchen! You mean the place where lazy bums that suck on the government teat eat their meals!

You spend your time waving a FREE meal at a fine, fine restaurant in front of the faces of those targeted for the advertisement, and you end the up-and-up business invitation with some Tea Party code to let the right kind of people know that the wrong kind of people won’t attend. Jesus that pisses me off.

It really got the goat of my significant other, Gail. She called the number on the invitation and told the person that answered that she would rather spend time with people in a soup kitchen than to spend any time “with your skanky ass.”

As soon as Gail hung up, the person called back. She calmly explained that they could shove their dinner up said skanky ass, and she hung up. They did not call back.

WTF? The whole gimmick was a free meal for listening to Anthony Newman talk about his extensive expertise in his field, and then you say, “Try the soup kitchen?”

The only thing I can figure is that the final line was added to piss off liberal people so they wouldn’t come and leave their liberal cooties all over the other good people at the “one hour Educational Dinner Program.”

Maybe, they wanted to make sure that actual poor people didn’t wander into the seminar dinner.

It would be a real shame if I dropped off the invitation and tickets to this event at the Soldiers and Sailors Monument at Public Square in Cleveland. That’s where many of Cleveland’s soup kitchen customers gather to while away the leisure hours which are just one of the perks of being without a job or a home.

Imagine the faces of the right kind of people when they are seated next to a middle-aged woman wearing all eight of her coats at once because she has no closet.

One more thing…

It turns out that Donald “Baby Fingers” Trump was just playing a role. He was kidding all along with the being an asshole stichk. I guess that means his penis is really tiny too.

Look in the mirror? Are you Crazy?


Richard Pryor once said the Japanese that planned the attack on Pearl Harbor didn’t know that America had white people that scared white people.

“Coz they’d been to the University of California. It’s all white people, laid back. They hadn’t been down to the University of Alabama or Mississippi. I’m not lying, they got white folks down there they have to keep on chains in the basement!”

Unfortunately, it seems the chains have rusted and some of those people have gotten out of the basement.

The white supremacists came tumbling out of the woodwork like clowns from a tiny car in the circus when it was announced that Harriet Tubman would replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20.00 bill in the next few years.

Harriet Tubman was born a slave sometime around 1820. She escaped her masters and fled to the North. She made several trips back south to help free other slaves during the Civil War. She also risked her life as a spy for the Union Army. She died in 1913. She will become the first black person represented on United States currency when her face appears on the $20.00 bill around 2020.

Andrew Jackson will move to the back of the bus…sorry…to the back of the bill.

Yep, it was an Armageddon against white people. It’s the end of the world…one cute little racist said on Twitter, “This just aint right. Femnism, soacialism and afffirmative action. All against God #whitegenocide”

That twitter handle supposedly belongs to a Dathan Scroggs (@DathanScroggs). I hope to Hell it’s a joke account…not that it’s funny. The account has also posted such gems as, “Bernie Sanders and the Pope meet up to rewrite the Communist Manifesto. “Trump 2016” It appears that Dathan doesn’t like black people, commies, and end punctuation.

On March 30, Dathan tweeted, “AT breaking point about now. Cant take any more. Only the Lord at the wheel keeping the rage from boiling over. SIckening.”

This Twitter account was opened on March 20, so I suspect it’s a troll account.

However, there are more racists out there than at which you can shake a stick.

Lord Humungus ‏@DarklyEnlightLM –  “When I first saw  #HarrietTubman $20 bill, I thought it was a prop for new Planet of the Apes movie. But no, this degeneracy is real.”

#MAGAMan ‏@MAGAMan_X – “Harriet Tubman should have been on the $20 Food Stamp.”

Down With AntiWhites ‏@prowhitesunite – “#HarrietTubman – Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White nations for EVERYONE! It’s #WhiteGenocide.”

Hey, I could go on and on (Lord knows they do.), but it’s all the same shit I’m not naïve. Racism is like rain; if it’s not falling around you, it’s falling on someone else. Call me crazy, but it seems to me that the election of Barack Obama and the explosion of anonymous social media was the perfect storm for racists.

My opinion is that someone who denies the existence of racism is almost always a racist. I never have understood such a denial. The evidence is incontrovertible. People owned, whipped, raped, and killed black people with impunity for a long time in America. Black people were legislated out of first-class citizenship. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862, white people could do pretty much whatever they wanted with black people.

Black people had to use black-only facilities, by law, well into the 1950s. After that was declared illegal, black people still had to know where they could go safely. Black people knew the deck was stacked against them.

People that deny racism are lying to themselves and others. They lie because even racists know that racism is despicable. That’s why they scream “reverse racism” all the time. The hilarious thing about the term “reverse racism” is that it admits that racism existed in the first place. Otherwise, it would just be racism.

We must acknowledge white privilege before we can eradicate it. Giving rights to the members of one group does not mean another group might lose rights…it means everyone is equal. Making sure black people never move in next door doesn’t maintain your rights…it maintains your status as a flaming asshole.

The short history of America is full of examples of one group of people doing their level best to keep another group of people as far down as possible. I know it’s not just white people, but we are very, very good at it. Stories about these “sub-standard” human beings are told to our children who grow up to tell their children who grow up to tell…you get the idea.

Meanwhile…Native Americans look on and say, “That’s just the way white folks will do you, and, whatever you do, don’t touch the blankets.”

One More Thing…

Did you hear the one about the dyslexic evangelical Christian who sent his kid to school in a t-shirt that said, “My Dog is bigger than your Dog.”

Crazy Train


When times get stressful and you don’t know what to do, you can look to the words of the great philosopher Ozzy Osbourne who sings:

“Crazy, but that’s how it goes,

Millions of people living as foes.

Maybe. It’s not too late

To learn how to love, and forget how to hate”

Ladies and Gentlemen, the crazy train has been “goin’ off the rails” for years, but its recent crop of passengers are real pips.

Nashville, Tennessee:

A Republican state lawmaker in Tennessee, Representative Jeremy Durham is part of the Republican led effort to strip transgender people of bathroom rights in the Volunteer state. His work to make life harder for other human beings is being hindered because Tennessee House Speaker Beth Harwell has moved Durham’s office to the first floor of the War Memorial Building in Nashville and severely restricted his movements in and around the capitol.

Ms. Harwell felt compelled to ban Durham after Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery issued a warning that the lawmaker’s behavior posed “a continuing risk to unsuspecting women who are employed by or interact with the legislature.” Yep, Jeremy doesn’t want men peeing in women’s restrooms or women peeing in men’s restrooms, but his actions made more than 30 women refuse to be alone in any room with him…and nobody was even peeing…as far as we know.

So, as is almost always the case, women have more to fear from men dressed as men than from men who identify as women. Son-of-a-bitch!

North Augusta, South Carolina:

Justin Gregory Craven (caution, irony at work), when he was still employed as a police officer in North Augusta, chased a 68-year-old, black motorist Earnest Satterwhite for 13 miles before stopping Satterwhite on a dirt road behind his home and shooting the unarmed man several times through Satterwhite’s car window and killing the 68-year-old.

When a Grand Jury failed to indict Craven (a white police officer) of voluntary manslaughter, authorities had to charge Craven with…wait for it…you know this will be good…a felony gun firing charge. No shit.

In a plea bargain deal, Craven pled guilty to misconduct in office. Yep! In South Carolina, shooting an unarmed driver in a traffic stop is at least considered MIS-Fucking-CONDUCT.

Craven was sentenced to three (3) years of probation and 80 hours of public service.

Craven’s lawyer, Jack Swerling, said (I shit you not.), “We couldn’t ask for a better outcome as far as the sentence is concerned (Craven) got probation, no house arrest, and he’s pretty much free to go live his life.”

As opposed to Earnest Satterwhite who is now free to go on being dead.

Raleigh, North Carolina:

Bishop Patrick Wooden of the Upper Room Church of God in Christ in Raleigh may just be the conductor on this week’s Crazy Train.

First, Bishop Wooden, says that transgender people shouldn’t be allowed to use the bathroom of the gender to which they identify because Caitlyn Jenner is still packing a Saturday Night Special and says she is still sexually attracted to women.

TA-DA! Ipso Facto…transgender people what to use those bathrooms to get up close and personal with prospective sex partners. Dude, the restroom is the last place I would let my Freak Flag fly.

“Hey, Baby. I smell you over there. Even though I’m sporting an off-the-shoulder Dior evening dress, a killer Victoria’s Secret diamond encrusted bra and thong set, and six-inch Manolo Blahnik Zullin Satin Jeweled D’Orsay Pumps, I’m horny baby.”

Please, no man that would spend $1,300.00 on a pair of Manolo Blahnik Fuck-Me pumps would be caught dead in the women’s bathroom at Bob Evans. Seriously, Berry Medley pancake syrup on Manolos…you should be arrested…but, I digress.

Bishop Wooden also spends way too much time worrying about gay men’s butts. He is under the impression that gay men must have corrective surgery on their backsides and is appalled at “how many of the men don’t even give the stitches time to heal.”

No shit…please pardon the pun.

Wooden also believes that gay men have to insert butt plugs or wear diapers to keep from losing their shit…literally. Wooden believes these things, and he doesn’t mind saying these things in public.

To Wrap This Up:

I hope you noticed that all of these passengers on the Crazy Train got on board below the Mason-Dixon Line. Is it the water? Is it exposure to excessive ultra-violet light from all the sunshine? Too many trailer park meth labs? Pecan Pie?

I sure as Hell don’t know the answer, but, for God’s sake, we need to get to the bottom of this..,pardon me Bishop Wooden…we have to find out why and help these poor people before they hurt themselves.

It’s grits…it’s probably grits…right?

Just please don’t let it be Lynryd Skynyrd. I couldn’t take it…no Free Bird.

Period Patrol


In a future imagined by the rabid Godstapo…

I was working the day watch out of the 69th precinct with my partner, Cletus when the first call of the day came in. We work in what the other cops call the Period Patrol, but the actual name of our outfit is the Reproductive Enforcement Division.

It was the Wal-Mart down on Center Street. They had a 678 in progress. A women attempting to buy feminine hygiene products without presenting an ID and filling out the Menses Estimated Arrival Time form.

Ever since abortion became illegal, the powers that be realized they needed to track the menstrual cycles of women of child-bearing age if they wanted to keep a real close eye on who was getting pregnant and to make sure there were no abortions.

Before reproductive tracking laws were passed, women could act like it was no one else’s business when they had periods. They could get pregnant, miss periods, sneak off to get an abortion, and just go on about their business with no one the wiser.

Heck, we didn’t even know when women had their first periods in the old days. How was society supposed to make sure there were no abortions when it didn’t even know who could get pregnant? It was a real mess.

Then, a couple of women in the Alabama State Senate realized that if you tracked periods, you could track pregnancies. That first law was a hard-fought victory for the pro-life saints in Alabama. The case went to the Supreme Court, and the newly appointed Justices were the deciding factor. Reproductive tracking was deemed Constitutional by a 6-3 vote.

Every state followed suit, and finally, a federal law was drafted and passed. Pads, tampons, belts, panty liners, menstrual cups, and pregnancy tests we considered controlled substances. Pregnancy tests had to be manufactured so that they reported the findings of the test over the internet to the local Reproductive Enforcement Division.

We finally had control of women’s bodies.

Cletus and I pulled up to the front doors of Wal-Mart just as the woman in question was trying to flee. The store manager pointed her out to us, and Cletus drew his service weapon and ordered the woman to freeze. Cletus didn’t like shooting women, but the law was the law and he would have done it if necessary.

As it turned out the woman was being treated for a yeast infection and she had forgotten her prescription for panty liners at home. She said she was already late for work and didn’t want to go home to get it. We could have hauled her in, but we gave her a break and called her doctor. Her doctor confirmed her yeast infection.

The woman apologized for forgetting her prescription, and we let her go with a warning to be careful…


This is the future of reproductive rights if the Godstapo gets its way.

My Republican friends say it’s just like a liberal to take things to the most extreme case imaginable, but these people are nuts. They want punishment for the women and doctors. Hell, they believe you can shoot an abortion doctor and God will smile upon you.

When you operate under the misconception (pardon the pun) that only tramps, sluts, and whores get knocked up by accident, you don’t have to feel compassion for them. They are going to Hell, anyway, so they really shouldn’t expect any dignity here on Earth.

There is only one way you can eliminate all abortion…the state has to know all the nitty-gritty details of the relationship between a woman and her uterus. How can the state be sure a miscarriage isn’t really an abortion unless they know who is pregnant and when they are due?

Think this thing out. Women will be treated as potential criminals and the state will be in de facto control of their bodies from their first period until they are certified as no longer fertile for whatever reason.

Meanwhile, the penis bearer in the equation can just cool his heels. Imagine the outcry if the state wanted to control the reproductive organs of every man from first squirt until the testicles are certified as incapable of producing sperm for whatever reason.

“Son, I afraid we are going to have to register your tallywhacker with the state now that you’re firing live rounds.” Men wouldn’t put up with it.

To top it all off, the Godstapo don’t give a shit what happens to the baby once it ceases to be theoretical and arrives on earth straight outta Momma.

Lazy people are poor, after all, so a hungry baby is a lazy baby.

Get a job, baby! Quit sucking off of the government teat and try your mother’s equipment for a change.

God : “Oops, I missed.”


I missed Michele Bachmann, but she’s back.

She is one of my all-time favorite outhouse rats. I say outhouse rat meaning Ms. Bachmann is as crazy as an outhouse rat.

She worships a God she believes would kill and maim innocent people to humiliate another person…OR…she believes that her God, the infallible creator of the universe, is such a terrible shot that he killed more than 30 people in Belgium and injured dozens of others in an attempt to humiliate President Obama in Cuba.

In a column written for WorldNetDaily, Ms. Rat wrote:

“As happened so often during his tenure, the turn of world events humiliated him…” the “president’s humiliation comes in a manner so devastating it makes one wonder whether the Creator of humankind isn’t reminding this world of the inferiority of foolishness in the face of wisdom.”

“The president once again mocked his nemesis, the Jewish people and the nation of Israel, by cleverly turning the international press corps toward his brilliant work in Cuba, instead of covering ongoing Islamic attacks against the Jewish state…”

“History changed less than 24 hours later in the blink of an eye, and the rug was pulled out from under his well-laid plans. Obama’s slavish press corps was forced to turn their uncritical gaze from adoring him to revealing the newest carnage in Brussels.”

Why do the most rabid Godspato members believe that God is a terrorist? Every disaster (hurricanes landslides, earthquakes, terrorist attacks) is retribution for some infraction against their God.

Butt sex…hurricane Katrina. September 11, 2001…butt sex and feminism. San Francisco earthquake…you get the picture.

Now, God is angry that President Obama hasn’t killed all the ISIS motherf**kers yet and is mocking the Jewish people. To express his anger, according to Michele Bachmann, God got a few ISIS mother**kers and several pounds of explosives together to kill people at the airport and on the subway in Brussels, Belgium.

Mocking the Jewish people has joined butt sex and feminism as one of the leading causes of the slaughter of innocents by God, according to the outhouse rat.

Wow, could I please have some of that God? He sounds like such a loving father figure.

Many evangelicals believe that supporting Israel to remain strong will lead to the final, inevitable battle of Armageddon…AND…God will smite Israel’s enemies (the forces of the Anti-Christ) and Jesus will return.

If we keep Israel afloat long enough, goes the thinking of many evangelicals, “Gog and Magog (Revelation 20: 7-10)” will get so pissed off that they will attack Israel. That’s when Jesus goes Dirty Harry and blood will run as high as the bridles on horses in the valley of Armageddon, the enemies of God will be destroyed, the “gays” will be in deep shit, and Obamacare will finally end.

What Hubris (arrogance, conceit, egotism, pomposity).

These people not only speak for God, but also they believe they can nudge him along to the End Tines on their schedules.

Good Luck with that.

It’s not just average evangelicals. Check out this excerpt from the August 10, 2009, Religion blog by Andrew Brown in the Guardian:

“In the winter of 2003, when George Bush and Tony Blair were frantically gathering support for their planned invasion, Professor Thomas Römer, an Old Testament expert at the University of Lausanne, was rung up by the Protestant Federation of France. They asked him to supply them with a summary of the legends surrounding Gog and Magog and as the conversation progressed, he realized that this had originally come, from the highest reaches of the French government.”

“President Jacques Chirac wanted to know what the hell President Bush had been on about in their last conversation. Bush had then said that when he looked at the Middle East, he saw “Gog and Magog at work” and the biblical prophecies unfolding. But who the hell were Gog and Magog? Neither Chirac nor his office had any idea. But they knew Bush was an evangelical Christian, so they asked the French Federation of Protestants, who in turn asked Professor Römer.” (www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/andrewbrown/2009/aug/10/religion-george-bush)

Nuts! They are nuts, and they want control of your country. They want to govern for God. They don’t want to follow all the stuff God and Jesus say about loving each other and taking care of the less fortunate, but they will follow all that smiting and damning and judging stuff.

Don’t forget that they always have their eye on the prize of theocracy. While the normal just grow tired of eternal vigilance, the weird never tire of pushing the envelope.

After all, they believe their reward for “bringing the nation back to God” is a mansion in Heaven where they will live with 72 virgins…What…Oh that’s right; the 72 virgins is what the other religious whackos believe is waiting for them.

What if I forget how?


It’s been a year since I raised my blood pressure by screaming into the internets. What if I’ve forgotten how? OK, here goes…


No, I remembered…that felt really good.

Let me try it again…


Today the Supreme Court of the United States upheld the 14th Amendment to the Constitution by ruling that states cannot outlaw same-sex marriage and that any state has to honor same-sex marriages performed in other states.

I find it interesting that the June 12, 1967, SCOTUS decision on Loving vs Virginia that found states could not outlaw inter-racial marriages was decided by a 9-0 vote. That vote was a landslide compared to today’s 5-4 decision. Besides Scalia, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Clarence Thomas, and Justice Samuel Alito also voted in the Minority on this case.

Scalia pouted and cried about how the Supreme Court ignored the will of the people. Scalia wrote his own dissent to the ruling…” “The Supreme Court of the United States has descended from the disciplined legal reasoning of John Marshall and Joseph Story to the mystical aphorisms of the fortune cookie.”

Scalia wrote that the ruling was a “threat to American democracy” because it “robs the People of… the freedom to govern themselves.” How come the SCOTUS refused to let white people vote for civil rights for black people, but you think it is OK for straight people to vote for civil rights for gay people?


Politicians in Alabama (obviously still pissed that they got their asses handed to them by Oregon, as well as the SCOTUS ruling) whined like babies.

Alabama Governor Robert Bentley said, “I have always believed in the Biblical definition of marriage as being between one man and one woman. That definition has been deeply rooted in our society for thousands of years. Regardless of today’s ruling by the Supreme Court, I still believe in a one man and one woman definition of marriage.”

Too bad, so sad…you know owning slaves has been deeply rooted in our society for thousands of years, Bob. Does that make it right?

Alabama Congressman Robert Aderholt is worried about religious freedom, “One of my chief concerns with this decision is the impact it could have on religious freedoms in our country.  Will this decision be used by the Federal Government to force churches, religious organizations and religious educational institutions to violate their core convictions?”

Look, dude, I am not Catholic, I am not gay, and the Federal Government doesn’t require the Catholic Church to perform my wedding ceremony. What this does do is to require governmental bodies that regulate the civil act of marriage to include gay people in the mix.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is also concerned that religious freedoms will go out the window, “…while the states are now required to recognize same-sex marriage, I expect the focus will now turn to the exercise of one’s religious liberty. I will continue to defend the religious liberties of Alabamians and ensure that people and businesses honoring their religious beliefs are protected.”

Hey, Luther, can a business refuse to provide its service or services to an inter-racial couple if the owner of the business is against such unions on religious grounds? Can such an owner put up a sign that says “No inter-racial couples”? Luther, get your head out of your Republican ass.

Alabama Republican Party Chairman Terry Lathan said, “With the decision of the United States Supreme Court today to remove state barriers for the implementation of same-sex marriage in America, Alabama’s 2006 Sanctity of Marriage Amendment, which was approved by a landslide 81% of the vote of our people, was ignored and buried. Our country is a republic and our state’s rights should be upheld, but Alabama was told today by five judges in Washington, DC that our voices are mute and the 697,591 Alabamians that voted and made our state’s decision to deny marriage licenses to members of the same sex is null and void.”

First, Terry, screw you. In 1967 nine judges in Washington, D. C. told us that black people can marry white people. How many Alabamians would have voted to make inter-racial marriage illegal back in 1967? You are the Republican Party Chairman from a cracker-ass state that is historically racist and apparently homophobic. Alabamians can’t be trusted to decide on who gets equal protection under the law.

Last Word: Today terrorists killed more than 50 people in attacks in Tunisia and Kuwait. Last week a terrorist killed 9 people in a church in Charleston, South Carolina…there isn’t any difference. Killing innocent people for their religious beliefs or the color of their skin are both the acts of base cowards.